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Among our Galapagos ship agents services, we are updating,

New Galapagos Park regulations-

Please read carefully and if you have any questions, we will be glad to answer you.

The following are the governmental regulations for non commercial vessels entering the Galapagos National Park .

You are not allowed to conduct any tourist activities on the vessels.it means it is not allow for commercial vessels.

For megayachts, to cruise the islands on your own Yacht, the folllowing Galapagos Park fees, general procedures, with a Govermental permit or Autograph,

1.- The boat should obtain permission to enter Ecuadorian waters through the pertinent authorities.

2.-If you want to visit the Park in the same ship, you need a governmental permit or autograph and must pay the National park entrance fee of U.S. $ 100 .00 per person for person older than 12 years old and U.S. $50.00 for children under the age of 12.

3.- There is a Park cruising fee (taxes) of US$ 200.00 per person for each day they go on their cruising itinerary with a governmental permit.These charges are only for the days of the Itinerary approved by the GNP, Further, the services of a naturalist guide is considered a normal requirement for all ships that visit the Park.

4-Irrevocable guarantee of immediate payment, valid for 30 days from authorized entry to the Galapagos, in favor of the DGNP. The guarantee will be equal to 25% of the total Park fees for cruising the protected areas of Galapagos, this deposit will be reinbursed at the end of the yacht cruise,

5- To avoid the entrance of foreign organism to the Islands , the ship must obtain a certificate of fumigation from the last port it was stationed at.

6- Navy Port charges are the following;

Harbor charges and fees

International Arrival US$ 0.85 x Gross Tonnage
Access Channel US$ 0.90 x GT
Anchoring US$ 2.95 x GT while anchored
Lights and buoys US$ 3.00 x GT one time

Radio Frequency use US$ 15.70
Format US$ 0.37
Departure US$ 0.85 x GT
Immigration Fee ( Single Payment Per Vessel)
To enter the Country US$ 30.00
To leave the Country US$ 30.00

National Park Entrance Fee
Adult US$ 100.00
Child US$ 50.00

Galapagos Park vessel Inspection, environmental control at Cristobal Island arrival, $50.00 per person.

Naturalist guide certified by the Galapagos National Park, between, $250.00 and $350.00 each day of the approved Itinerary, highest cost are for the most knowledgable and private yacht experienced multilingual guide.

Ingala transit control card US $ 20.00 PP

7.Private non-commercial foreign vessels may only visit the Galapagos Protected Areas once a year, with a maximun of 15 days and cannot make passenger changes during the visits,

For yachts or small boats, in transit, who will not cruise the islands on their own vessel without a Governmental permit or autographo:

1.-If you prefer to anchored the ship or vessel in one of the islands, without a Govermental permit and/or use the services of the local vessels, you must pay only the entrance fee to the National Park.,which is US $100.00 per person, one time charge, and Port charges.

2.-For yachts or small vessels who are not willing to obtain a permit or Autografo , or to pay the Galapagos cruising fee of $200 per person, per day, should arrive in either Santa Cruz, or Cristobal islands only,

3.-Small vessels with less than 10 persons onboard, may enter to either Santa Cruz or Cristobal, the inhabited islands without a govermental permit but will must remained anchored at the same port, for no more than 20 days.

important note: small vessels that even if obtaining a permit or autograph, through an agent, and arriving at the inhabited islands of cristobal or Santa Cruz ,can move their boats to these islands of Cristobal, santa Cruz and Isabela ,but is obliged to do an environmental Inspection in Cristobal Island at your arrival, obtaining a fumigation certificate from your last port of call, pay the Galapagos Park entrance fee, $100 PP one time charged, (tourist card) and Port charges, (harbor charges are posted at top of this page)

Fuel: for vessels in transit, that will like to purchase more than 200 gls, of diesel fuel, will need an agent assistant to get the permit, in order to process the FUEL CODE from the Ecuadorean Oil Co,

Inhabited islands:

Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora,

Cristobal, Puerto Baquerizo,

Isabela, Puerto Villamil,

Floreana, Puerto Velasco,

Seymor North or Baltra, Navy base, Airport and Fuel dock,


Fumigation Certificate from the last Port of call will be needed, to present it once you arrive in the Islands .

Harbor and buoys Locations:

Academy Bay (Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz)
Latitude: 00°45' S Longitude: 90°19' W

Puerto General Villamil (Isla Isabela)
Latitude: 00°59' S Longitude: 90°59' W

Wreck Bay (Puerto Baquerizo, Isla San Cristóbal)
Latitude: 00°53,9' S Longitude: 89°36.9' W

Puerto Velasco Ibarra (Isla Floreana )
Latitud: 01°16' S Longitud: 90°29' W

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SESA Galapagos environmental Service

The Ecuadorian Service for plant and animal health in the Galapagos (SESA-GAL) is responsible for inspection and quarantine control enforcement in order to prevent exotic species, plagues and diseases from being introduced and spread on the islands.

Any Vessels arriving in Galapagos entering the protection zone established by law, i.e. 40 nautical miles from the baseline, are subject to regulations governing the transport of products such as plants,animals,etc that may endanger Galapagos natural species.

Before arriving in the islands, we as your agent, must enter your Yacht data, into the Ecuadorean Navy Control system

regulations to be followed:

1. To allow visits and inspections by credited inspectors of SESA-GALAPAGOS 2. Jetskies, any motorized water scooters, submarines, are not allowed.

2. No plant or animal is to be taken ashore during your visit to the islands.
3. Pets on board are not to be taken anywhere ashore.
4. Should your pet be sick or die, please inform SESA-GALAPAGOS at once.
5. Garbage and waste must be kept in tightly sealed containers.

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