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From Panama going down the Pacific, within the Galapagos islands, you find our, Galapagos Yacht Agency and tour operations, in Ecuador-Galapagos , Our Company is a yacht friendly Company, that we will be happy to assist you and provide you with accurate information, assistance to all small sail boats, exploration vessels and mega yachts. We have been serving Yachts cruising the Galapagos islands since 1990, With our Galapagos Yacht Agency,

We will give you a personalized assistance during your stay in the islands, we have our main office in Miami ,Florida-USA, and in Puerto Ayora , Santa Cruz island-Galapagos-Ecuador, we have been the pioneers in the field since 1992, and cruising the islands, with the conformability of your own yacht.

Fernando Espinoza, started working in the islands since 1980, as Naturalist dive guide, with a great knowledge in the Natural History, Oceanography, Geology, Flora & Fauna and most of all, with great knowledge of the dive sites, as dive master , also experienced as a commercial diver in the Ecuadorian offshore oil pipeline, we always make the best effort working for the owners to enjoy the best of the islands visitor's sites and the diving, or hike to the volcanoes, we have the experience in the USA Yachting community since 1980, and we will help you with honesty, professionalism and complete satisfaction.

One of the new yachting destinations with such diversity of activities within the most natural and unique ecology, are the Galapagos islands. The Galapagos are easily accessible after one day cruising from the Panama Canal, down south the pacific to about 900 miles southwest of South America.

 Upon your arrival in the Galapagos Islands, you will soon be delighted by the peculiar flora, fauna and specially for the abundant marine life, a paradise for scuba divers.

 The most inhabited island is Santa Cruz, with an actual population close to 40.000, home of the National Park Administration Offices and the Charles Darwin Research Station, from where you can learn more about their different flora and fauna conservation programs, specially the giant tortoises rearing program from each island that has its own species of giant turtles. In Santa Cruz you find a good variety of hotels, sea food restaurants , with very affordable prices, most of all, viewing an amazing scenery and the charming friendly people. It is extremely important to contact a reliable agent before you arrive in the islands, the agent will arrange your cruising permits, hire a naturalist guide, who will lead you throughout the islands and visitor’s sites, providing you with all the information about the ocean currents bathing these unique islands, their flora and fauna. The agent will provide you with fuel bunkering, provisions and furthermore for owners, captains and crew needs.

 You can make a trip to the Galapagos, an absolutely amazing place to cruise for those who can appreciate the animal life and geological history, is a place where you can have a very wide range of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, ride horses to the Sierra Negra volcano in Isabela and watch the fascinating caldera, walk along the different visitor’s sites , watch the different species of boobies, albatrosses, thousands of sea birds, the finches that remind you the Darwin’s evolution theory, in water colonies of penguins,whales, sea turtles, a rich marine fauna and the playful sea lions all over the beaches.

 Make your plans months in advance, contact us to help you organizing your Itinerary and make a trip to the Galapagos, a lifetime experience for you and your guests.

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