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Welcomes you for a personalized service in the islands

Dear Captains and Owners, we will be happy to assist you with our Galapagos Yacht Agency and tour operations, in Ecuador-Galapagos , we will provide you with information and assistance to all small sail boats, exploration vessels and mega yachts. We have been serving Yachts cruising the galapagos islands since 1990, With our Galapagos Yacht Agency, we provide with the most accurate information and assistance, either to the small sailboat, as well as to any megayacht, or exploration vessels.

From Panama to Galapagos, we will give you a personalized assistance in the islands, we have our main office in Miami ,Florida-USA, and in Puerto Ayora , Santa Cruz island-Galapagos-Ecuador, we have been the pioneers in the field since 1992, and cruising the islands, with the conformability of your own yacht. The owner, started working in the islands since 1980, as Naturalist dive guide, with a great knowledge in the Natural History, Oceanography, Geology, Flora & Fauna and most of all, with great knowledge of the dive sites, as dive master , also experienced as a commercial diver in the Ecuadorian offshore oil pipeline, we always make the best effort working for the owners to enjoy the best of the islands visitor's sites and the diving, or hike to the volcanoes, we have the experience in the USA Yachting community since 1980, and we will help you with honesty, professionalism and complete satisfaction.

Cruising the Galapagos islands on your own Yacht

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We will design your custom Itinerary, to give you the flexibilty for visiting the most beautiful visitor sites of the Galapagos National Park, see our list of requirements for the visit:

The following requirements are for yachts willing to obtain a cruising permit or Autograph, and all costs:

1. Certificate of registration of the vessel in the country of origin.
4. Crew nomination, guests list, detailing passport number and nationality, changes in the original crew entering Galapagos is not permitted except in the case of emergency.Passports must valid for up to 6 months.
5. Certificate of fumigation from the last port before arrival to Galapagos.
6. Letter of promise from the Captain of the ship to respect and enforce the Galapagos rules.
7. Nomination of naturalist guide.mandatory
8. Program of activities and days of itinerary.
9. Irrevocable guarantee of immediate payment, valid for 30 days from authorized entry to the Galapagos, in favor of the DGNP. The guarantee will be equal to 25% of the total entry fee for tour boats to protected areas of Galapagos.

For a more complete information about the yacht requirements and costs, to cruise the Galapagos islands, with a permit, please click on:


MY STELLA MARIS, for up to 16 guests,

New Galapagos private charter yacht,

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Small vessels with less than 10 persons onboard, may enter to either Santa Cruz or Cristobal, the inhabited islands without a govermental permit but will must remained anchored at the same port, for no more than 20 days.

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You will be required a govermental permit if you would like to move your boat within the inhabited islands, and/or if you will need more than 400 gallons of fuel, then you will need a governmental permit, in which case we need a few weeks to process it, prior to your arrival in the islands, please read at the following link...



The climate is equatorial, cooled by the Humboldt current. December to May is the better season when the weather is pleasantly warm and the winds are light. From June to November the weather is overcast and cool.


There are no Marinas in the Galapagos, but all the visitor anchor sites are safe, The water temperature around the islands is surprisingly cold and the meeting of the Humboldt current and the warm air sometimes causes mist over the islands. Occasionally the Humboldt current is replaced by the warm El Niño current, a phenomenon which can affect weather conditions throughout the South Pacific, more weather information, please check our oceanography page.

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For divers interested with a Galapagos diving yacht tour, please visit us at http://www.galapagosdivers.com

Let us take care of your vessel! For more information Contact: Fernando Espinoza
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